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Alien Collection Boxes-Surprise Hit!

Sofia, age 10

A few weeks ago I came up with this alien collection box project.  To be honest, I thought it was a dud.  I didn’t think the kids would go for it at all.  Well, was I wrong!  They found it in my things and couldn’t wait to make it.  I’m talking totally engaged for half the morning.  Kids never cease to amaze.  Here are some of their collection boxes.  It’s a little hard to tell from the photos, but basically, it’s a box with an accordion folded paper glued in.  The kids drew aliens and other things on the panels of the accordion.

Theo, age 5

Viv, age 6

Chaz, age 6

Alien Worlds

My idea to do an alien world shadow box was inspired by  Joel’s aquarium.  I just shifted the theme and added a backdrop from outer space.  The results were pretty fantastic.  Probably the best embellishment we did, thanks to Evan, was to add glow in the dark paint at the end.  The kids LOVED that detail.  Good one Ev.  You’re such an artist.

Here art the steps.

1.  Get a box (cereal box, cracker box, shoe box) and cut off one side

2.  Paint the inside of the box to look cooool.

3.  Draw some simple space shuttles and ufo’s with a sharpie and paste to the background.

4.  Make cool alien dude drawings in sharpie on construction paper.  Cut them out and glue onto cardboard.  Cut slits with an exacto knife at the top of the box.  Attach the wire to cool buttons to slide through the slats in the cardboard.  (I added some sequins to my aliens to make them shiny and supercool.)

6.  We added glow in the dark paint as a final touch.  Big hit!

Here are some of the kids

Dexter, age 6

Theo, age 5

Alien Army-55 New Recruits for Active Duty

It was a busy weekend here at the Cherry house.  We have enlisted a total of 55 new recruits to Alien Army 1st Infantry.

Our chief squad in the Chain of Command (clearly I am going to have to brush up on my army lingo)

Here’s the squad with several generals and first sergeant ________. (I am currently taking suggestions for names.  If you send me a name that works, I will send you an Alien Army new recruit.  First Sergeant is the purple dude with green dots.)

ART CAMP 2010 and Beyond…

Here is the final stage of our Space Shuttles.  They came out pretty awesome.

Jonas, age 5

And here are the kids Out of this World Wonder Wheels.

And of course, we can’t forget this little dude by Dexter, age 6.  You can see the alien puppet tutorial here.

And this one, by Vivian, age 6

And lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to Sofia, my very special assistant, who worked her butt off today.  Great job!

Joel is Genius-Paperclip Pickup Game

It’s just so inspiring to me that someone is able to create such simple, imaginative, and open-ended projects time after time.  I’ve been following Made By Joel for some time now and he never ceases to amaze me.  So while I was waiting around for a conference call this morning, I made Joel’s most recent post for my kindergartners this fall.  So easy and so much fun!

I found myself in deep concentration as I tried to get all the paper clips to connect.  Fortunately, the only paperclips I had were multi-colored, which I think adds a nice touch and potential for pattern games and strategies for the kids.

Thanks Joel.  You’re so cool.

Alien Puppets

I’m psyched to make these alien puppets in art camp tomorrow.  I know the kids will outdo my little guys here.

Materials-card stock (I reused some old folders), duct tape, brads, puffy paint, dowel, ribbons if desired

1. Cover card stock with duct tape.  Draw your alien parts and cut out.

2.  Hole punch spots for the brads and attach.

3.  Puffy paint galore.

4.  Tape dowel to the back and you’re done.  Now play.


Alien Wonder Wheel

I’ve been wanting to do this project for months.  I found it in Todd Oldham’s amazing book KID MADE MODERN.  Highly recommend!   The Wonder Wheel is inspired by Ray and Charles Eames work.  I added a little Out of this World Alien flavor and voila!  I great art display for all your kids goodies.

I started off with a cork board circle from ikea.

I painted it white.

I painted six clothespins green and then glued them onto the cork board.  Then I took puffy paint and decorated till my hearts content.

Now THIS was Fun-Sculpey Aliens and Duct Tape Space Ships

We started out Art Camp this morning with the batik t-shirts.  We did phase 1, drawing the picture with glue.  It was fun, but with young kids, multiple step projects lose a little bit in the excitement area.  They always ask the inevitable “Can we take this home today??!!”  So after phase 1 I brought out the big guns…the silver space shuttle.  ah, Ah, AHHHH!!!! They were psyched!   We made the sculpey aliens first.  I find it best to model an example first, with the option for kids to do their own thing after.  This way, it gives them a place to start.  When it’s a free for all, I find some kids can get frustrated.  Here are the first round of aliens.  We baked them for 20 minutes at 225 and presto.  (This was by far the kids favorite part.  They left camp begging to make more.  Monday I plan to make a huge space craft for a whole alien army to fit in.)

Made by Kendra, age 8, Charles, age 6, Willa and Theo, age 5, and Jonas and Lucy, age 5

Charles, age 6

The space ship was pretty simple thanks to ikat bag.  For the body we used a recycled cardboard box and covered it in duct tape.  The legs are popsicle sticks covered in tin foil.  They look good but weren’t so sturdy.  In retrospect, I probably should have glue gunned them in.  The dome is from Michaels.  They have sets of two for 1.99 but you can easily use something from around the house.  I was in a time crunch and Michals is literally around the block from my house.  I know, so lucky.