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Paper Birds Part Deux

After we made our paper birds in modern art, we gave them paper cages made from recycled ice cream lids.  It was pretty simple thanks to Creature Comfort Blog.  Just slice up 3 strips of construction paper about 1/4 of inch thick and use double sided tape to hold them on the lid.  Then decorate the lid inside and out any ol way you want.  We used ribbon and fancy paper.  The trickiest part was putting in the string to hold the bird.  Eventually I began to use a pipe cleaner but forgot to take a photo.  Anyway, the kids loved them and they look super sweet.

Paper Mache Insects, Arachnids and Whatever Else My Kindergartners Insisted on Making

This week began our paper mache journey.  First we sculpted bugs of all kinds by bunching up newspaper in different shapes and using masking tape to bind it together.  After, we combined flour, water and a bit of Elmer’s Glue to create our paper mache mixture.  I must admit, the paper mache part of the process wasn’t the big hit I thought it would be.   After the initial thrill of the soft, cool feeling of the flour, the kids sort of tuckered out saying it was too messy.  The 5 adult volunteers I had ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting while the kids had free choice on the rug.   Not all the kids retired early.  We definitely had some troopers in the group!  (we’re painting next week. more to come)

Tips for a successful paper mache session

For the sculptures

1.  Make the paper sculptures dense.  Wrap the paper, twist it and tape it for the best results, especially the legs or skinny parts of your sculpture.

2.  Cut the paper strips for macheing about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.  The long strips are good for certain areas, but not for others.

3.  There are many ways and recipes to do paper mache, from balloons to plaster.  This is how I do it, and they always come out AMAZING!

4.  Wear smocks and HAVE FUN!

I’m As Free As a Bird Now

Last night some friends came over to make birds, birds, BIRDS for our rehearsal dinner in two weeks.  We stayed up until 2 in the morning creating.  It was so much fun.  We’re going to invite friends and family to write messages on our “love doves.”  Right now they are all hanging in my art studio.  If anyone needs an idea for birthday party or special event, I highly recommend these.  SO MUCH FUN, and the possibilities are endless.

These are just a few of the 35 we made.  Only 35 more to go.

Sculpey Bugs

Sculpey is so exciting for kids.  I busted it out the other day and my kindergartners were in heaven.  I taught them to make bees step by step.  I would do them next time without the swirl in the middle, but hey, they’re still pretty cool.  Unfortunately, when we put them in the oven the older sculpey we had usedexploded all over the new sculpey we had and created a nasty mess.  We were able to salvage most of the bees, but that’s it.  Lesson learned-Sculpey is meant to be used! Have fun!

Paper Birds Part 1

I saw this great post on Creature Comfort Blog about paper bird cages.  I decided to try them out in my after school art class.  The kids LOVED them.  We did the birds this week and will make the cages next.  Each one looks so different and so sweet.  I am going to make more for our rehearsal dinner and hang them from the trees for friends and family to write us notes on the.  Thanks for the inspiration Ez!

Patriotic Hats for Patriotic Kids

We have a big show coming up at school this week.  The theme is America.  I got this idea for patriotic hats from No Ordinary Moment and just made it my own a little bit.  They came out really great and were super easy to make.  The kids will make them on Thursday with their special guests for the show.  I can’t remember my life before duct tape.  I don’t want to.

These will be great for the 4th of July.

Here’s what the set up looked like at school

And here’s how the kid’s hats came out.  Awesome!

Buggin’ Out

We’re learning all about insects in kindergarten.  I saw these amazing bugs from recycled materials on flickr by Fem Manueles.  You can check out her awesome blog here.  It’s amazing even if you don’t speak spanish, which I don’t YET!  Thankfully the photos were pretty self-explanatory.  Here are some examples from different materials we’ve been collecting over the past few weeks, including cardboard, business cards, and water bottles.  They came out great and the kids had a blast.

Beauty is Everywhere

One of the greatest learnings from doing The Artist’s Way has been seeing beauty in unexpected places and then doing something about it.  Somehow my morning pages have inspired me to slow down, notice things and create.  I look at these photos and feel uplifted.  They are so happy and colorful.

My class had an amazing time today creating their Mother’s Day projects from egg cartons and water colors.  We’re about halfway done.  More photos to come upon completion.  I don’t want any moms snooping around here prematurely.