Duct Tape Art Projects Rule!

I taught my first modern art class today.  It was soooo much fun.  I stocked up on mega amounts of duct tape from Michaels and made some samples.  See below.  Then prepped the room by decorating it all over the place with bits of duct tape.  I knew some kids would have a hard time ripping the tape on their own.  I also found a 5th grade friend to come assist, which was a major blessing.  10 kids waiting for duct tape, not good.  I showed the kids how to make a few different kinds of purses and totes and bracelets and let them go to work.  I also set up a nice display on white foam board for when the kids came in.  I’m a big believer in presentation.  I like to hear ooohs and ahhhs when the kids walk in to the room.

*All the projects shown here are made with duct tape, cardboard from cereal boxes and recycled grocery bags.  Some have a little velcro too.  Super simple and fun to make!!!  Once again I forgot to take pictures as the kids created.  Just getting a handle on the whole blog demonstration bit.

p.s. I ended up making the headband I made last night into a belt and turns out I love it now.  Wore it all day at work.

Michael’s =’s Experimentation

I went to Michael’s after teaching mosaics for enrichment.  I teach modern art tomorrow.  This is my first time doing this class and I’m psyched.  I know we’ll start off with a duct tape project because I’m pretty much obsessed with duct tape these days.  I picked up some new colors at Michael’s, including a blue and purple tie dye color.  I’m predicting that will be a big hit.  I’ve been experimenting for the past few hours with some ideas.  9 times out of 10 I LOVE my art work.  I’m pretty lucky that way.  Today though, not so much.  I like half of it.  I bought these cork board trivet things at Ikea not too long ago.  I found those and decided to use them as a pushpin mosaic.  I ran out of pushpins, but so far so good.

The next project didn’t go so hot.  I tried to make a mobile that turned into a headdress that turned into a belt.  It will now either turn into fodder for my kindergarten class or just plain ‘ol trash (recycled trash of course.)  Here are some shots before things went downhill.

Sunday Farmer’s Market

Every Sunday Evan and I go to the Encino Farmer’s Market.  We get all our veggies for the week, flowers and the best salsa and cactus chips ever.  Since Ev is still in Hawaii for work, I went on my own this morning.  It was a gorgeous sunny day and I was able to catch a few good shots of the market.

Good Morning

I’m off to the farmer’s market.  Fresh and delicious post to come.  In the meantime, I came across these amazing Golden Press cards I’ve been saving forever in hopes to someday border my future son or daughter’s room with them.  The whole pack is called A Shufflebook by Richard Hefter and Martin Sephen Moskof.  I’ve never seen them anywhere else.  The whole pack is amazing.   Here are some of my favs.


My morning pages made me do it.  And my love of art blogs.  And my thinking that if she can do it, I can do it.  Granted I thought the same thing when a group of friends were going rock repelling in Israel, and as it turned out, I definitely COULD NOT do it.  But this I can do.  I’m writing to share my love of art and craft and to gently pressure myself into creativity.

So, my first project to share I made with my new best friend, Duct Tape.  I mean, this stuff rules.  It comes in every color.  You can get it easily at Michael’s, which happens to be just down the street from my house and it’s awesome.  I started off a few weeks ago by making duct tape bracelets, which my kindergartners are now obsessed with.  Last night I graduated to something a little larger.  I made a duct tape carrying case.  I’m not sure what I’ll keep in it yet.  Possibly, duct tape.  I might also make a bunch and use them in my classroom for book carriers to place on the tables.  Anyway, here’s a photo.  I think it came out pretty cool.

If you want to do one yourself, it’s pretty simple.  Here are the directions.

What you need:

duct tape, a brown shopping bag from the market, scissors

1. Cut the brown bag in half.  You can do this in anyway you want really.  This is just how I did it.

2.  Choose your pattern and cover one side in duct tape.  I made the side panels with blue and the front panels with yellow and hot pink.

3.  Turn the bag over and do the same to the other side.  I did mine all in silver.

4.  You might need to fold over excess tape on either side our you can cut it.

5.  Cover the handles with tape.  This part is a little tricky but I have faith in you.  Just cut off the excess part and fold over the edges.  It’s ok if it’s not perfect.  What ever is?

6.  Cut the bottom panel from the bottom of the shopping bag and cover with tape.

7.  Take the bottom panel and tape it into the bottom from the inside by kind of bending the tape so it hits the seem and touches the bottom and side panels.  This part takes a little patience.

8.  And viola!  You’ve got your duct tape carrying case.  You can add stickers, sharpie pictures, jewels, whatever you want.

After doing this once you’ll probably notice that you can make really anything out of duct tape.  I plan on making a little tube top and skirt next in a cool striped pattern.  I’ll post step by step photos for that one.