40 Plus Awesome Sensory Play Activities for Babies and Toddlers

40 Plus Sensory Activities for Babies and ToddlersWhen my girls were babies I went hardcore, no holds barred, sensory play 24/7 with them.  I was obsessed! I even started a play group just so that I could think of more ways to give babies and toddlers sensory experiences.  As a result, I have a pretty big arsenal of great sensory ideas and activities you can do with your little ones.  I put them together all in one place in an attempt to make things a bit easier to find.  I’ve categorized them too. From Mushy Gushy Sensory Play to Science Sensory Play to everything in between. I hope this is helpful! Sensory play is a fantastic way to help kids explore their worlds, stimulate the senses, and create little inquisitive explorers.  Have fun with those little guys in your life.  Mine are now 2 and half and almost four.  We still get our sensory on but now are able to get into a little more process art.  Click here to check out 50 plus art projects you can do with your three to five year olds.  A master process list post is coming soon too!

40 Plus Sensory Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Rainbow Waterbead Sensory Bags

Rainbow Shampoo for Dinosaurs

Rainbow Ooblek

Dinosaur Tar Pit Slime

Ice Cream Dough 

Feet Painting Disco Party

Rainbow Jello Sensory Play for Toddlers

Homemade Rainbow Play Dough

Nature Soup Water Play

Waterbeds for toddlers

Shaving Cream Paint Mixing

Christmas Cloud Dough – but really anytime cloud dough

Slimy Pumpkin Fun

Rainbow Spaghetti and Meatballs

7 Layer Play Dough Birthday Cake

Building Clay Structures with Toddlers

Puffy Ribbon Clouds

Baby Rainbow Waterbeds

40 Plus Sensory Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Sensory Boxes  and Sensory Boxes part 2.  This is my most popular post.  Ever.  Of all my posts.

Sensory Waterbead Bags

DIY Sensory Bean Bags

Puffy Ribbon Clouds

Rainbow Spaghetti Play Group

Rainbow Spaghetti 2

Baby Water Beds

Two Ingredient Edible Baby Safe Paint

40 Plus Sensory Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Painting on Plexiglass

10 AMAZING Sensory Art Projects for Toddlers

Painting Wall

Evolving Canvas for Toddlers

Water Balloon Painting

Tie Dyed Paper Towel Art

 Spin Art Rocks

Toddler Masterpiece Canvas Art

Paint and Stencils on the Light Table

Shape Painting

Veggie Prints

40 Plus Sensory Activities for Babies and Toddlers

Best. Play. Date. Activity. Ever.

Marbled Milk Painting

Science Lab For Kids

5 Favorite Invitations to Play for Toddlers 

Recycled Animal Drop Box

Wood Working With Your Toddler

Dying Wood Beads with Your Toddler

Melted Crayon Art

Horse Racing

Poking on Styrofoam

Build a Box Tower

Car Wash

Water Bead Play

Fairy Soup

Lickable Wallpaper

If you have any questions or can’t find the one you were looking for, please email me.  I’m happy to help.  If you are looking for even more ideas, I contributed to these ebooks that are both full of great ideas you can do with your kids.  Thanks for reading along! xo Meri

ebook Zero to Two - the book of play ebook

Find more than 50 awesome art projects for 3 to 5 year olds My favorite art supplies for kids

Rainbow Water Bead Sensory Bags for Babies and Toddlers

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersWith two little kids running around and art play groups for toddlers every week, we do a lot of sensory activities around here.  I especially love water beads but since they aren’t safe for little mouths, we had to get creative with how to use them.  These rainbow water bead sensory bags were the perfect solution.  They are squishy and mushy, totally beautiful and fun, safe for little ones, and super easy to make.

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Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersFirst, get some water beads.  You can get these at your local craft store or flower shop or order them online here.  We bought this rainbow pack.  Let the water beads soak over night or for at least a few hours in some water.  The directions are on the back but they are pretty hard to mess up.  Put a bunch in a bowl and add some water.  If all the water gets soaked up and they’re not that plump, add some more water.  At full capacity they are about the diameter of a nickel.

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersOnce you have plump water beads, get some ziploc bags, any size will do.  Add a scoop of whatever color you choose to the ziploc and fill it about halfway with water.  Add a splash of food coloring or liquid watercolor to the water.  Seal the bag and duct tape it closed.  Whenever I seal something with duct tape, which is fairly often because I’m obsessed with duct tape, I seal sticky side to sticky side.  In other words, I rip off two pieces and put then on either side of the ziploc so the sticky sides stick half to each other and half to the ziploc.  I find this to be the sturdiest seal.

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersThat’s it!  Now you have beautiful squishy, mushy sensory bags for your little ones to play with.  Wasn’t that easy?

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersSensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersKids love squeezing them and using them as a pillow.  They toss them around and definitely like standing on them.  I haven’t had one break yet, but of course you want to supervise your child while playing, just in case.  For older kids that aren’t as curious with their mouths anymore, you can fill the water beads in a bucket with lots of bowls and spoons and scoopers and they’ll love it.  We did some really fun water bead play here.  Have fun!

Sensory Water Bead Bags for Babies and ToddlersFor more sensory fun for the zero to two set you can download this awesome ebook I contributed to with 25 other super talented craft/play/mom bloggers.  I highly recommend it!

Zero to Two ebook

How to Make Edible Paint for Babies and Toddlers

2 Ingredient Edible Paint for Babies and ToddlersWe are always being asked how to make yogurt paint so I thought I’d show you just how we do it around here.  Making baby safe paint is super easy using two ingredients, yogurt and food coloring.  We use it weekly for art play group.  The colors always come out beautiful and vibrant and did I mention it’s sooooo easy??!!!

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2 Ingredient Edible Paint for Babies and Toddlers - Baby Safe PaintFirst, enlist the help of your favorite ballerina.  If you don’t have a bejeweled little girl obsessed with tutus around, a regular child will do just fine : )  Have ready, a tub of plain or vanilla yogurt, a spoon or two, some food coloring and some containers.  We use a paint palette tray.  *Tip* Vanilla yogurt is super yummy.  If the kids discover that the yogurt is vanilla they will likely eat it, by the paintbrush full.  If you don’t want to encourage eating the paint, stick with plain yogurt.

2 Ingredient Edible Paint for Babies and Toddlers - Baby Safe PaintWe go through an insane amount of food coloring around here.  I don’t know when I am going to learn to buy it in bulk.  I am constantly running over to our local grocery store to pick more up.  It’s some sort of weird mental block I have.  Anyway, you can find food coloring here if you’re more normal than I am and just order it online.  Ask your little helper to scoop out some yogurt into all the little containers you have set up.  A few spoonfuls will do.  Then squeeze a few drops of food coloring into each container.  You just need a few drops.  If you add a lot, the colors will be really vibrant but they will likely leave a temporary stain on everything so go light on the drops.  I am happy to say I have trained Gigi fairly well in this department.

How to make yogurt paint for babies and toddlers - baby safe paintOnce you you’ve squeezed in a few food coloring drops into each container than you just mix it up with the spoon.  Kids love to do pretty much all the steps, but mixing is a favorite.  I encourage Gigi to mix up the food coloring as she drops it in the yogurt so we can get a really nice variety of colors.  It’s a great color theory lesson too.

How to make yogurt paint for babies and toddlers - baby safe paintOf course it’s very important to do a little paint tasting as you go.

How to make yogurt paint for babies and toddlers - baby safe paintHow to make yogurt paint for babies and toddlers - baby safe paintAnd that’s it folks! Super easy right?  Yes, there is a slightly bigger mess than when you do it yourself, but you can do it outside and it’s super fun for kids, so I think it’s worth it.    We’ve used yogurt paint for… Our Painting Wall A Plexiglass Painting Easel Toddler Disco Feet Painting  Balloon Painting and just plain old painting on paper.  However you use it, have fun!

2 Ingredient Edible Paint for Babies and Toddlers - Baby Safe PaintZero to Two ebook

Feet Painting Toddler Disco Party

Feet Painting Toddler Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogThis art play group was too much fun! I wasn’t going to do feet painting at first because I was worried it might be too crazy but I’m so glad we went for it! Parents definitely had to hold onto their kids tightly but we all got to boogie down for this awesome yogurt feet painting toddler disco party!

Feet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogIf you follow my blog regularly, which I hope you do, you know about our discovery of insulation as an awesome surface for a painting wall.  Well, turns out it serves as a great disco floor too.  We slathered it with yogurt paint in all the colors of the rainbow, took off our shoes, put on our favorite kid station on Pandora (Family Folks Songs) and danced the morning away.  Full disclosure, this was super slippery! That’s why you see so many adults holding onto those little hands.  But, with a little help, these kids had a blast slipping and sliding and showing off their moves.

Feet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogDiana never had so much fun and she wouldn’t let me hold her hands.  She seriously loved this.  The more she fell, the more she wanted to do it.  My girl’s tough.

Feet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogOf course we washed ourselves off in a big bucket as part of the activity.  The kids loved this part!  It wasn’t long before the kids just sat in the bucket squealing and splashing in delight.  They seriously had a blast!

Feet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogFeet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogWe had four kids in that bucket at one point.  Always a good sign.

Feet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogFeet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogFeet Painting Disco Party | Meri Cherry BlogIf you’re looking for more fun ideas to do with your toddlers, check out this ebook.  It has tons of great ideas to keep your little ones busy all summer long!

Zero to Two ebook

Make Your Own Sensory “Bean” Bags

Make your own sensory bean bagsA few weeks ago, I made an alphabet bean bag toss game based on the book Chicka Chick Boom – Week 4 of the Preschool Book Club Series I’m a part of.  It was a really fun literacy extension of the book.  On the fly I made some sensory bean bags made from rice, a ziploc bag and some duct tape.  I didn’t think much about them because I was so focused on painting and creating the letters for the game.  It wasn’t until the other day that I took a moment to realize that these bean bags are awesome! They can be used in so many ways.  My girls just love them.

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Make your own sensory bean bagsTo make the bean bags use a heavy duty ziploc bag and cut it along the zipper part in the shape of a square.  If you use a regular one they might rip pretty easily.  duct tape three sides of the ziploc by just folding half of the duct tape on either side of the plastic.  Leave the zipper side open.  Fill the bag with rice or beans or pasta, or anything else you can think of I suppose.  We added some cool letters I found at Michaels for interest.  Zip the zipper and duct tape over it by folding the duct tape from one side to the other.  Trim any excess duct tape and you’ve got yourself an awesome bean bag.  I am so excited to see how we will use them in the future.  Any ideas?

Make your own sensory bean bagsMake your own sensory bean bagsMake your own sensory bean bagsMake your own sensory bean bagsMake your own sensory bean bags3 - 5 Playful Preschool ebook

Make a Play Boat from a Cardboard Box

Make a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogThere’s pretty much nothing you can’t do with a cardboard box and making a simple boat for kids is no exception.  These are so easy and fun! A friend gave me a nice long cardboard box a while back, because I am a hoarder of all things crafty, and I made it into a duct tape boat for play group.  It hung in there for months too until I accidentally left it out in the rain.  So sad.  I could have gotten years out of this baby, which would have made up for the duct tape investment.  I seriously need to go to duct tape anonymous.  So addicted.

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Make a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogMake a boat from a cardboard box for hours of funCardboard boxes are awesome for imaginative play.  The kids hid in the boat, relaxed in the boat, giggled in the boat and rowed the boat.  We even had a few moms who took a ride.  If you have young children and want a great way for them to spend hours of fun, try this!  Find a box, neighbors always have a few laying around, and cover it with duct tape in the pattern of your choice.  You’re good to row! (see what I just did there?)

Make a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogMake a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogMake a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogMake a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogMake a Boat for kids from a Cardboard Box | Meri Cherry BlogIf you like this simple way to play with your child, you will probably love the simple ideas found in this downloadable ebook, called Zero to Two.  You can download it by clicking here or on the pic below. Zero to Two ebook

10 Beautiful and Engaging Sensory Art Activities for Toddlers

10 Sensory Art Activities for Toddlers | Meri Cherry BlogI’m so excited to write this post.  We do soooo many engaging and absolutely beautiful sensory art activities for toddlers at our home, especially during play group.  It was killing me that all the pics were just piling up on my computer and the thought of writing a post for each one was a bit overwhelming.  So, I’m putting 10 beautiful and engaging sensory art activities for toddlers right here in one big round up.  What makes them “art” activities, is that they are all inspired by color and an introduction to art materials.  Some are super simple activities and some take a little more time and preparation.  I guarantee there is something fantastic in here for everyone.  At least that is my hope, my big big hope.  If you’re looking for ways to bring more art and creativity into your child’s life and your own for that matter, here is a great place to start!

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Ice Cream Dough for Toddlers and BabiesIce Cream Dough for KidsIce Cream Dough Bar – This one is an all time favorite.  I’ve done it a few times for play group and the kids always love it.  It’s simple to create, looks gorgeous, and is so much fun for imaginary play, vocabulary building, and fine motor development.  Plus, everything is safe for small mouths.  It’s all around awesome.  See the full post on ice cream dough here.

Waterbead Bags - Sensory Play for Babies and ToddlersWaterbead Sensory Bags for Babies and ToddlersWater Bead Sensory Bags – These are so awesome.  Have you played with waterbeads before?  They are soft, squishy, bouncy and super fun.  You can order waterbeads here.  I made the equivalent of two packages and then separated them into ziploc bags with a bit of water dyed with food coloring.  I made them in rainbow colors and then sealed each bag super tight with matching duct tape.  The trick to sealing these securely is to put tape on tape.  In other words, cut off a piece of duct tape the width of the ziploc and place it with half hanging over the top of the bag.  Turn it over and do the same thing with the sticky side touching the sticky side.  This will seal it extra tight.  Waterbeads are great to play with in a big tub or in lots of buckets but they aren’t safe for mouths, so for play group, I popped them in the ziplocs to use as sensory bags.  The kids loved squishing them, using them as pillows and walking on them.  They can last until the water fully absorbs and then eventually they will go down to their original tiny size and you can reuse them! How cool is that?  Definitely put waterbeads on your todo list if you haven’t tried them before.  Super fun!

2 Ingredient Yogurt Paint for Babies and Toddlers2 Ingredient Yogurt Paint on a Painting Wall 2 Ingredient Yogurt Paint –  Friends and readers are often asking me for the recipe to yogurt paint, which always brings a smile to my face because the recipe is as simple as simple can be.  Get some yogurt, either plain or vanilla, scoop it into a bowl or container and add some food coloring.  Mix it up.  That’s it.  You can see exactly how we make yogurt paint here.  It’s perfect for babies and toddlers, unless of course they have dairy allergies, and in that case you can try coconut yogurt.  We use yogurt paint all the time for play group on our paint wall.  Gigi helps me make it.  The colors come out beautiful and it’s really soft and smooth to paint with.  I think we’re going to try it for body paint.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Rainbow Play Dough for Babies and ToddlersRainbow Playdough for babies and toddlersHomemade Marbled Rainbow Play Dough – I mean, how can you go wrong with the softest homemade rainbow play dough?  I don’t know where I’ve been because homemade play dough blows store bought play dough out of the water and it’s really easy to make.  Read more about how we made it here.  One of the greatest things about homemade play dough is that it lasts for months.  Just put it in a plastic bag in the fridge and you are set for a long time.  I start with the dough in separate colors but after one play it’s all mixed up by the kids and I think it’s so much more fun like this.  I like to make it into small, medium and large balls as an invitation to play, so this way kids don’t take the whole big chunk and there is enough for everybody. Plus, it’s a little easier to work with smaller amounts.  Sometimes I put out typical play dough tools, other times I’ll add popsicle sticks, real sticks, beads, rocks, and anything else I find around the house.  But always, I try to make it look pretty.

Playing with Clay for toddlers - Making bird nestsPlaying with Clay for ToddlersWorking with Real Clay – Making Nests – I love giving toddlers real clay to work with.  It is much more dense than play dough and takes a lot of strength to mold.  Sometimes I put it out in balls, like the play dough.  This time I made little nests and set out little birdies, which I absolutely LOVE adding into play.  They are just so pretty and they do a great job of helping to ignite imaginative play.  I also made little eggs from salt dough, added some rocks and little dinosaurs.  There are so many things that would work for a nest.  Leaves, sticks and flowers would be a great addition.  I want kids to walk into our playhouse and say ooooh and ahhhh.  That’s my goal when setting up an invitation to play or create.  Not like the time I made logs from clay, set them all out on a tray and when Gigi came out to see it she said “Look mama, POOP!”  Yeah, not going for that.

Balloon Painting for ToddlersBalloon Painting for toddlersPainting Balloons – Balloons are so much fun and so colorful and happy.  My girls love them and so did the kids at art play group.  I strung up some balloons from the dollar store over our paint wall and set out the yogurt paint and a big tub of paintbrushes.  If you are interested in buying paintbrushes for your kids, I like these paint brushes.  Another time, I tied some helium balloons to rocks and let the kids paint upwards, which was pretty fun too.  I haven’t had one pop on us yet.

Edible Sensory play for babies and toddlers | Meri Cherry BlogTapioca Balls - Edible Sensory Play for Babies and ToddlersEdible Waterbead Play – aka Dyed Tapioca Balls – We did this one recently and it was a HUGE hit!  I couldn’t get over it actually because I had tried working with tapioca balls once before and it was a big fail.  I figured out the trick.  You need water.  Without water the balls are sticky and gross.  With water, they are squishy and pretty and super fun.  I made two bags of tapioca balls, which took all of five minutes, just like it says on the bag.  Then I put a bunch in a cup submerged in water and added food coloring for a few hours.  I wanted them really colorful and vibrant.  It worked really well.  I put all the different colors in a paint tray and then submerged that tray in about an inch of water in a large tub I bought at ikea.  Ikea has awesome tubs and they’re pretty cheap.  I use these big ones all the time.  I also store large paper and cardboard in one.  Anyway, the kids literally played with the tapioca balls, spoons and water for 40 minutes.  One little guy discovered they tasted great and had quite his share.  Every time we turned our back, he was back in the tapioca balls!

Dinosaur Sensory Play for Toddlers - Rainbow ShampooDinosaur Sensory Play for Toddlers - Rainbow ShampooPainting Dinosaurs and Rainbow Shampoo – I once took Gigi to this great mommy and me and they had a big dinosaur on a table for painting.  I thought it was so cool so we gave it a try using yogurt paint.  The kids really liked it.  After the dinosaurs were fully painted we washed them in Dinosaur Rainbow Shampoo.  Read the full post here.

Playdough and Sprinkles for Toddlers - Invitation to PlayPlaydough and Sprinkles for Toddlers - Invitation to PlayPlay Dough and Sprinkles – What’s not to love?  Have I mentioned yet how anything with sprinkles seriously wins kids over?  It works with my daughters all the time.  They just love them and they come in so many cool shapes and sizes.  Whenever I see them in a dollar bin, I can’t resist.  Here is another example of a beautiful invitation to play that engages kids and has tons of great sensory play going on.  This was how the homemade play dough started before it became marbled rainbow dough.

Evolving Canvas Art for KidsEvolving Canvas Art for KidsProcess Canvas Art – This is another all time favorite and a staple at our house.  Our play house is lined with beautiful canvas are by my girls.  I buy oversized canvases any time I see them on a great sale.  I love them and I love the freedom they allow my girls to experience.  I’ve written a how to on canvas art with kids here.

Phew, that’s a lot of info.  Seriously, if you do one of these activities you’re doing great. You’re doing great anyway, I just mean that sometimes parents can look at blogs  and pinterest and all that and feel really overwhelmed and bad about themselves.  I’ve been there!  This is meant to help, not to put pressure on you! I love doing this stuff and I’ve made it a focal point of my life by choice.  If you’re interested in doing more art with your kids, take baby steps.  Start with play dough and see how it feels.  I think you’ll see, it’s really doable.  You’re a mom for goodness sake.  You can do anything!  So please enjoy and keep me posted in the comments below if you give any of these sensory art activities a try.  I would love to hear from you!

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Glow in the Dark Dancing Ballerina Tutu

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!I don’t know about you but I was totally blown away by the opening ceremony at Sochi last week.  Granted there were a few technical problems, but overall it was bursting with creativity and just so cool.  My daughter is obsessed with being a ballerina these days so when the dancers came out wearing twirling glow in the dark head gear it was pretty much all over for us at that point.

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!(pic via

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duct tape

glow sticks (this is a tube of 100 but you can get these a smaller amount at the dollar store or any local craft store)


I woke up the next day with visions of glow sticks and duct tape so I headed to Michaels, and picked up some glow sticks, which are also available at the dollar store by the way.  We always have duct tape on hand, because I’m semi obsessed, and I got taping.  This was really really easy.  Measure your child’s waste and cut the tape a little longer than that.  Lay the tape out on a table sticky side up.  Place as many glow sticks as you want on the tape, then place another piece of duct tape on top of it sticky side down.  Cut little slats about a half inch or so around each glow stick so they can move around easily when twirling.  This part is important because it gives the skirt movement.  Fold over the edges onto each other so there is no sticky part and place some velcro on each end.  There you have it folks.

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!D was happy to be my model while Gigi was sleeping.  Umm…don’t eat that D.  (bad parenting, please ignore)

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!When Gigi woke up, her eyes nearly bugged out of her head.  It was still light out so we ran to the bathroom to try it out.  As you can see, it works.  And it was soooo much fun to watch her twirling and twirling, giggling and laughing.  I am dying to have a disco party someday for one of the girl’s birthdays.  These would make the best accessories for the party!

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!Thank you Sochi Olympic Creative Team for inspiring this idea and thank you Ana from BabbleDabbleDo for making light play seem so doable.  You guys are awesome.

Oh my goodness.  Little girls will love this!The beginner's art supply list for "Non Crafty Moms"  Find more than 50 awesome art projects for 3 to 5 year olds ebook Zero to Two - the book of play ebook

Zero to Two – Book of Play – Best eBook EVER for Babies and Toddlers!

Amazing eBook Zero to Two The Book of Play Ideas for Babies and Toddlers! Available now.  This book is FANTASTIC!

I am so excited and proud to announce the launch of the most incredible ebook  Zero to Two, The Book of Play, put together by NurtureStore and countless mom bloggers from around the globe who specialize in doing amazing, super fun, developmentally appropriate play with babies and children.  Seriously, this is a one stop shop for countless play activities you can do with your kids.  You can order the ebook by clicking any of the images in this post.  I’m telling you, the pictures are gorgeous, the tutorials are simple and easy to understand and you are definitely going to find something your little one will enjoy!  Zero t0 Two is THE resource for fun play ideas for babies and toddlers.  I know you will love it! Oh, and you just might notice this little monkey on the cover!!! Go D!  Here is little overview video of Zero to Two you can check out!

Click HERE to download a copy

Amazing eBook Zero to Two The Book of Play Ideas for Babies and Toddlers!  Available now.  This book is FANTASTIC!

Sensory Boxes for Babies and Toddlers – Part Two

boxes2bSensory boxes from cardboard and duct tape were such a big hit at play group a few weeks ago, I decided to make more.  I would love to make a whole sensory box city some day.  That would be so cool.  Anyway, these were a big hit as well.  The first one was a big box with velcroed shapes on it.  The kids loved pulling the shapes off and putting them back over and over again.  It was great for all ages and I love the educational component.  Once a teacher…

Duct Tape Sensory Boxes for Babies and ToddlersI had a few mini ones that you could pull on either side to make the ribbon go through the box.  The pom poms prevented the ribbon from coming lose.  As you can see, these were especially adored.  This little beauty hugged and pet hers like a dolly for quite some time.

Sensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesSensory Boxes Part Two for Toddlers and Babies - duct tape and cardboard boxesSensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesThe  last  one was just a big box covered in bubble wrap.  It took the least amount of effort and thought and was definitely the biggest hit.  Isn’t that always how it goes?  The most simple things are always the best.  The kids loved jumping on it, sitting on it, pretending to go night night on it, you name it.  I’ve had it out in the back yard ever since and my kids still haven’t tired of it.  I stuffed it with packing paper so it kept it’s shape.  These sensory boxes are endless and such a good use of all those boxes we throw away.  Now the only problem is, where on earth am I going to keep them???

Sensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesSensory Boxes Part Two for Babies and Little OnesZero to Two Fantastic Play Ideas for Your Baby and Toddler! This ebook is AMAZING!