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Meri Cherry Art Studio

meri cherry art studio 

Meri Cherry Art Studio

17060 Ventura Blvd.

Encino, CA  91316 


Meri Cherry Art Studio is a process based art studio in Encino.  Process Art is art that’s all about the making and the doing, rather than the finished product. If you live in the Los Angeles and have a child that loves art, or a child that you’d love to expose to more sensory and art experiences, come join us!  Meri Cherry hosts art classes, birthday parties, toddler play groups, mobile art parties and classes, ladies craft nights and workshops at our studio and private homes throughout Los Angeles. Please email info@mericherry.com with any inquiries.









What parents are saying…

“I adore this art class. It’s wonderful. I could go on and on. Its the best hour of the week for these kids. It’s so stimulating & they have so much confidence because of class. We all love it. Thank you so much for such unusual and outside the box creativity that our kids are unlocking within themselves.”

The hour we spend with Meri has become the most anticipated hour of the week.  My kids have learned so much about art, but more importantly, about themselves.  They truly know what it means to explore and imagine.  In the hour they spend with Meri, nothing is off limits and I feel that is critical to their development.” 

“Meri’s art classes are so much fun!  I have never had a class where my daughter asks me at the beginning of each week, when art class is because she can’t wait to go!  A huge part of that is due to Meri and her super creative projects each week and also how she makes each child feel so special!  Thank you, thank you!” – 

There is no better hour than the one my son spends with Meri every week in art class. He looks forward to it more than anything else and we have been so pleasantly surprised by what it brings out in him. We feel so lucky to be a part of this special class and only wish that every teacher in our children’s lives were like Meri.” 

Thursday afternoon art with Meri is my son’s favorite afternoon of the week! The projects are colorful, thoughtful, imaginative and often driven by the kids particular interests. “

I was just asked by (my daughter’s) teacher if she is involved in an art class and was excited to tell her how much she enjoys your class. The projects are not only creative and fun but are great to display, as I believe she looks at them with pride. Thank you so much for opening her eyes to new mediums, textures, and ways of looking at art. We appreciate the weekly time that she is able to spend with you creating.”

We love Meri Cherry’s class! It’s a magical time for the kids to really connect to the materials and have an art adventure…a space where kids can get super creative and feel proud of whatever they do, including just observing if that is what they are feeling on that day. We look forward every week to what materials we will find and what special project we will get to explore. Thanks Meri




Are you interested in working at our studio?

Please answer the following four questions and email your answers to meri@mericherry.com.  Thank you!

1.  Briefly, tell us why you’d like to work in an art studio for kids.

2.  Why do you think art is important for kids?

3.  Briefly tell us about your most recent experience working with children.

4. Do you have any special skills or talents?  What are they?