Mobile Birthday Parties and Events

Meri Cherry Mobile Birthday Parties and events

Can’t make it to the studio? Let the magic come to you.

Our team travels all over the Los Angeles area creating art experiences for children of all ages. We can cater any event to be just the right process for you and your guests. See below for details and party options.


Birthday Party Inquiry


Meri Cherry Mobile Birthday Parties and events


Includes one main art/play project for 1 hour for up to 15 children ( $30 per extra child)

NOTE: Host is responsible for all crafting tables, chairs, and tablecloths. A 15% gratuity fee will be added to all birthday parties.

Includes premium art/play projects. Choose from the following:

*Sensory Fun: 3 sensory bins such as rainbow ice sculptures, baby/animal wash stations, rainbow play dough cupcakes, and rainbow spaghetti for children 1-4

*Fairy Fun: Fairy Potions (4 and up) or Fairy Gardens (5 and up)

*Rainbow Unicorns: Magic Unicorn Potions (4 and up) or Unicorn Worlds (5 and up)

*Magical Mermaids: Magic Mermaid Potions (4 and up) or Mermaid Worlds (5 and up)

*Dream Big: Dream Catchers or Wall Hangings (7 and up)

*Sweet Treats: Rainbow “Smoothies” (4 and up)

*Erupting Volcanoes: Individual Erupting Volcanos (4 and up)

*Puppet Party: Create Your Own Spoon Puppet Family (4 and up)

* Mixed Media Canvases: Create your own art masterpiece with a buffet of engaging collage materials and paints (6 and up)



Includes Slime Making and all the fixings, a slime playing station, and slime menus for 1 hour for up to 15 children ( $30 per extra child) Ages 7 and Up Only



*Slime Play Table – Additional craft table with awesome stretchy slime and all the fixings to play, play, play, and take home $250

*Sensory Row – 3 Sensory Stations (baby washing, waterbeads, ooblek, rainbow play dough cupcakes, to name a few) to add that much more fun to your party $375

*Additional Making Tables

– Your choice of medallion necklaces, birthday book, Artist Trading Cards, or sticker making $250

*Faux oversized cardboard birthday cake for painting $175

**Party Favors Add $100 (for up to 15 children); $5 for each additional child. Choose from a container of handmade Meri Cherry Rainbow Play dough or slime


Birthday Party Inquiry



1. What is the maximum amount of children for a mobile party?

We have no maximum for mobile parties. Our parties are listed for up to 15 children for all packages. $30 per additional child.

2.  Do you supply food, drinks and paper goods?

No, not for mobile parties. We only supply the art and play experience.

3.  Do you supply decorations?

No, not for mobile parties.

4.  How many staff members are at a mobile party?

Our team is dependent on the amount of children attending each individual party.

5. Do you supply tables, table clothes and chairs?

No, we only supply your art and play experience. Tables, chairs and table clothes are the responsibility of the host.

6. How many hours is a mobile party?

Our mobile party packages start at 1 hour. Additional time can be added for an extra cost of $100 per half hour.

7. How early do you set up for mobile parties?

Our team arrives 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to a party, depending on time needed.

8. How long is the art making portion of the party?

Our mobile party packages start at 1 hour. Additional time can be added for an extra cost of $100 per half hour.

9. How far will you travel?

Our team travels all over the Los Angeles area.

10. Where do I find mobile party times and availability?

Please fill out our mobile party form and we will get back to you within two business days.  Thank you for your patience.



  1. Robin Chamberlain

    Are you free NOv 30 or Dec 1 for a bday party in North HOllywood?


    • Meri Cherry

      Hi Robin, Sorry I didn’t see this. Can you please email for any booking questions or fill out our birthday inquiry form. Thank you so much!


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