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Epic Pom Pom Party – Giant Pom Poms

Epic Pom Pom Party - Gigantic Pom Pom PoufsThese POM POMS are INSANE!!!! You guys have to do this!  It’s going to be amazing!!!

Sunday, September 17th  from 2-5 we are joining forces with ShopLeoKids to bring to LA an Epic Pom Pom Party.  It’s going to be amazeballs (and I really try not to use the term amazeballs but in this case it was mandatory)

Epic Pom Pom Party - Gigantic Pom Pom PoufsSign up for a time slot to make a giant, insanely awesome, mega pom pom but feel free to come before and hang after making as many mini pom poms as you’d like.  Kids and adults are welcome! They will love to see their mega pom pom made on a gigantic loom.  It’s totally mesmerizing. Of course you get to pick all your colors.  They’re great for boys and girls, young and old.  These would be amazing for a college dorm room.

Epic Pom Pom Party - Gigantic Pom Pom PoufsYou will leave with one giant pom pom (about 15 inches) or two minis (about 6 inches). I know these pics look amazing but seriously, they don’t even do the pom poms justice.  These guys are sturdy and perfect as a pouf in a bedroom or reading nook.  My girls go nuts over theirs.  They love them!

Sign up today! 99 dollars. Email info@mericherry.com with any inquiries.