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Toddler Art Play Group


The best messy play date you ever had…at somebody else’s house. Enjoy. Clean up is on us. 

Toddler play group happens in five week sessions on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings for toddlers walking to 3 years old.  All play groups are from 10-10-45. Children and their care takers move from station to station exploring engaging and unique sensory experiences including, painting, clay, doughs and more at their own pace. If you are new to play group and would like to purchase a one time visit before committing to a session, please email info@mericherry.com. We’d love for you to come in and try us out.

*Please Note* Parking is limited in the lot so please arrive early or  check street parking or neighboring lots. Do not park in gym parking.  Thank you!



Play Group Policies and Guidelines

  1. Toddler Play Group is a sensory and art based experience for children walking to three years old.
  2. Parents/Care takers are responsible for their child at all time.  Play group is a time for parents to connect with their child through the experiences set up in class.  Play group is not an instructed class.  The teachers role is to set up invitations to play, create a safe and nurturing environment for the kids and help build community for the group.
  3. Playgroup is an experience for the child and parent/care taker to explore new and engaging activities together at the pace of each individual child.
  4. Play group activities include, but are not limited to, exploring with slime, doughs, clay, mixed media collage, painting, sifting, transferring and more.
  5. Play group runs in five week sessions.  It requires sign up prior to each session.
  6. Drop in classes are available based on a minimum of 24 hour notice and availability.
  7. No child may participate in play group without filling out the appropriate paperwork and making payment.
  8. Play group in the studio is limited to 16 students.
  9. Home based play groups have a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 12 students.

*Make Up Policy – We offer one make up class per session that can be done either at Open Studio or another play group day as long as their is room in that class. Please call in advance.

Do you want your child to paint, work with clay, glue and glitter but can’t deal with the mess? Do you see pics on pinterest of all these moms making rainbow rice and play dough, slimes and doughs, and think yeah right? You are not alone! Nobody wants the mess and only a select group of crazy people are willing to go to the trouble of making all those slimes! We are those crazy people. We are happy to do all the work for you and give your child a rich, open ended sensory experience in a beautiful environment each week. So join us.