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I went to Michael’s after teaching mosaics for enrichment.  I teach modern art tomorrow.  This is my first time doing this class and I’m psyched.  I know we’ll start off with a duct tape project because I’m pretty much obsessed with duct tape these days.  I picked up some new colors at Michael’s, including a blue and purple tie dye color.  I’m predicting that will be a big hit.  I’ve been experimenting for the past few hours with some ideas.  9 times out of 10 I LOVE my art work.  I’m pretty lucky that way.  Today though, not so much.  I like half of it.  I bought these cork board trivet things at Ikea not too long ago.  I found those and decided to use them as a pushpin mosaic.  I ran out of pushpins, but so far so good.

The next project didn’t go so hot.  I tried to make a mobile that turned into a headdress that turned into a belt.  It will now either turn into fodder for my kindergarten class or just plain ‘ol trash (recycled trash of course.)  Here are some shots before things went downhill.