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I taught my first modern art class today.  It was soooo much fun.  I stocked up on mega amounts of duct tape from Michaels and made some samples.  See below.  Then prepped the room by decorating it all over the place with bits of duct tape.  I knew some kids would have a hard time ripping the tape on their own.  I also found a 5th grade friend to come assist, which was a major blessing.  10 kids waiting for duct tape, not good.  I showed the kids how to make a few different kinds of purses and totes and bracelets and let them go to work.  I also set up a nice display on white foam board for when the kids came in.  I’m a big believer in presentation.  I like to hear ooohs and ahhhs when the kids walk in to the room.

*All the projects shown here are made with duct tape, cardboard from cereal boxes and recycled grocery bags.  Some have a little velcro too.  Super simple and fun to make!!!  Once again I forgot to take pictures as the kids created.  Just getting a handle on the whole blog demonstration bit.

p.s. I ended up making the headband I made last night into a belt and turns out I love it now.  Wore it all day at work.