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This week began our paper mache journey.  First we sculpted bugs of all kinds by bunching up newspaper in different shapes and using masking tape to bind it together.  After, we combined flour, water and a bit of Elmer’s Glue to create our paper mache mixture.  I must admit, the paper mache part of the process wasn’t the big hit I thought it would be.   After the initial thrill of the soft, cool feeling of the flour, the kids sort of tuckered out saying it was too messy.  The 5 adult volunteers I had ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting while the kids had free choice on the rug.   Not all the kids retired early.  We definitely had some troopers in the group!  (we’re painting next week. more to come)

Tips for a successful paper mache session

For the sculptures

1.  Make the paper sculptures dense.  Wrap the paper, twist it and tape it for the best results, especially the legs or skinny parts of your sculpture.

2.  Cut the paper strips for macheing about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long.  The long strips are good for certain areas, but not for others.

3.  There are many ways and recipes to do paper mache, from balloons to plaster.  This is how I do it, and they always come out AMAZING!

4.  Wear smocks and HAVE FUN!