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I start teaching an “Out of this World” Summer Camp on Monday, so I’ve been collecting ideas for the past few months in preparation.  I found this great alien/monster idea on Craft Jr. that I played around with this afternoon.  Here is the result.  It was really fun, especially taking all the photos.  Instead of using tissue paper I used duct tape because, well, duct tape rules.  You can seriously make anything with that stuff.  The duct tape worked great, only elmers glue doesn’t really work on it, so I had to duct tape everything together.  I used water bottles for the arms and painted them silver.  This activity is pretty endless.  I used a cereal box, toilet paper rolls, and a medicine box for the body, but you can use anything.  I’m excited to see what the kids come up with!

Materials Needed:

recycled items, duct tape (or paint or tissue paper), pipe cleaners, googly eyes