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It’s summer and I was cleaning out my studio.  I came across these cards my kindergartners made me when I returned from my honeymoon.  It originally said “We missed u Meri Cherry,” but I can’t find the We Missed U part.  If your name is going to be Meri Cherry, kindergartners are definitely the right audience.  I loved the sign (thanks to my partner Brigitte!) and felt it deserved a proper post.  Plus, it’s a great reminder of how easy it is to bring a smile to someone’s face after a long trip, or on a special occasion or just to say hello.

Just found “We Missed U”  yay

My co-teacher Brigitte totally ROCKS.  Here is a bunny she made for our after school class.  We got the idea from Charlottesfancy, one of my fav blogs.  She got the idea from a book I am ordering TODAY;  “Crafting with Kids” by Catherine Woram, since Ev gave me a 100 dollar gift certificate to Amazon.  Woo hoo!