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See, this is why my husband rules.  He just gets right in there with me.  I’ve been wanting to make felt balls for months.  I had seen a few posts about it here and here and wanted to try it myself.  I had ordered some roving on SarasTextureCrafts and it’s been sitting in my studio for weeks waiting for me.  I used to be really hard on myself if I didn’t do an art project right away.  Artist’s Way has taught me to trust in the timing of things and to be more patient, which totally worked in my favor this time.  Sure enough, felting day came.  I decided to bust out the roving yesterday and went wild.  These balls are SO EASY!  I watched this youtube vid and voila! Felt balls.  Next I am going to try a bird shape.  Well, once I have at least 50 balls.  I’m obsessed with having a whole basket filled for my kindergartners to sort and play with come the fall.

I took some photos of the steps.  I highly recommend Sara’s vid above.  It’s really clear.  I used Merino wool for these balls.

And then, to my joy and astonishment, Ev busted out today with “I want to make one.”  He had a whole vision in mind and jumped right in.  It was the same thing when we made our wedding birds.  Ev never ceases to amaze me.  He says there is an artist in him waiting to come out.  I believe it.  I love that guy.