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Once I started with the felt balls, I pretty much couldn’t stop, with the exception of Elvis style eating binges, which I finally got under control yesterday.  Thank goodness.  Weight Watcher meeting coming soon.  Anyway, at first I was doing the felt balls in the kitchen sink, but this weekend Ev and I visited my Aunt (AK) in the desert and I would miss everything if I just stayed in the kitchen all day.  So, AK suggested I fill some pots with hot and cold water and plant myself down in front of the tv for our United States of Tara marathon.  Perfecto!  It was great.  The water doesn’t even have to be that hot for the felt balls to work.  Ev even joined me again and rolled out a few.  We officially have 48.  My goal is 50 so feelin good.  These balls have created great family bonding.  I love them.  Plus, there are endless possibilities for my kindergartners, including sorting activities, marble madness fun, estimating and scavenger hunts.  Can’t wait to show the kids!

I’m not trying to be mysterious by not putting my face.  Ev took the photos and he wasn’t into taking direction.  Hence, headless felting shots.   Gotta love him.