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Today was a super fun day.  I made a bunch of projects for my art camp tomorrow.  The little alien pipe cleaner dude is from a project I made 13 years ago for a summer camp at my school.  The kids loved it.  I saw an old camper today who is now in COLLEGE, oh my god, and the idea came back to me in a flash.  The two dogs are Billy (our sweet dog) and Deuces (my arch nemesis).  In the middle is a nest with birdies that just hatched in our backyard.

This is a wind chime I saw on First Palette a while back.  I embellished it a bit by covering cardstock in tin foil and then adding tissue paper for the main part.  I used pipe cleaners instead of string for one of the wind chimes I made, creating a cool octopus type look.

Then Brigitte, my fabulous co-teacher, gave me some leftover lids that were headed for the trash.  I covered those in tin foil as well, got out the puffy paint, and voila!  Awesome refrigerator magnets.  So much fun!