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These tees came out totally retro.  I totally rocked something so close to the rainbow one when I was five.  I’ll have to find a photo.  I plan to do this for art camp tomorrow.  It’s so super easy.  Just get some Washable Elmer’s School Glue Gel and do any design you want on a t-shirt, or pillow case or whatever.  Let it dry for a day.  Then use watered down acrylic or tempera paint to paint your design.  I actually used those tiny little paint pods that come with craft projects.  It was all I had in the house and worked great.  Once the paint is dry, soak the shirts in hot water for 20 minutes or so and the glue will just fade away, leaving the great white space.  I thought the paint was going to have a tie dye effect all over the tee, which is why I didn’t paint the whole shirt.  Next time I’ll paint the rest.  You can always fix it afterwards too, which is cool.  Anyway, they still came out really great.  I am giving the rainbow one to my friend Gracie.  She’s almost 4 and very cute!

Childhood Magic’s post inspired my tees.  That Artist Woman inspired Childhood Magic.  Love all around!