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My idea to do an alien world shadow box was inspired by  Joel’s aquarium.  I just shifted the theme and added a backdrop from outer space.  The results were pretty fantastic.  Probably the best embellishment we did, thanks to Evan, was to add glow in the dark paint at the end.  The kids LOVED that detail.  Good one Ev.  You’re such an artist.

Here art the steps.

1.  Get a box (cereal box, cracker box, shoe box) and cut off one side

2.  Paint the inside of the box to look cooool.

3.  Draw some simple space shuttles and ufo’s with a sharpie and paste to the background.

4.  Make cool alien dude drawings in sharpie on construction paper.  Cut them out and glue onto cardboard.  Cut slits with an exacto knife at the top of the box.  Attach the wire to cool buttons to slide through the slats in the cardboard.  (I added some sequins to my aliens to make them shiny and supercool.)

6.  We added glow in the dark paint as a final touch.  Big hit!

Here are some of the kids

Dexter, age 6

Theo, age 5