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I am feeling pretty dang proud of myself today.  I have been wanting to make a loom for months.  A teacher friend once showed me one she had used with her preschoolers and I was totally intrigued.  I did some research on line, watched some vids, and knew the time would come.  Well, sure enough, I noticed a pile of trash, including an oversized picture frame, on my block yesterday.  I walked over in the billion degree heat and snagged it.  It still had the hooks to hold in the glass.  Ev suggested I leave in the hooks and add screws in between for more weaving.  Perfecto!  He watched the vids with me, which came in handy, because Evan has a bionic memory and there were some tips I had forgotten.  Anyway, after just a few minutes of hammering and nailing, my loom was ready to go!  This is perhaps the most fun and satisfying project I’ve done since I started Artist’s Way.  I really loved it.  This loom will def be set up in my kindergarten class come the fall.  It’s awesome.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I basically just ripped up strips of fabric I had, added some ribbons, and a flower I made from an egg crate.  Over, under, over, under.

Just one tip-At first I had the loom standing upright while I sat on the floor and weaved.  Well, that totally killed my shoulders, so Ev suggested I lay it down on the table.  What a difference.  Holy.  So much more enjoyable.  Ev always knows what to do.

How cool is that!!!??!!  So pretty.