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I’ve found so many felting activities online over the past few weeks.  And with the recent success of my felt balls, I was inspired to give a new felting project a try.  I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was making.  I figured I’d see what happens and how easy it would be to do with my kindergartners, which is pretty much a constant motivator.  Anyway, I saw this post on Moment to Moment, which looked totally inspiring, so I tried a mini version.

First I layed down some wool on bubble wrap

Then I wet the felt with hot water and soap.  I actually started off with a squirt bottle and then just drizzled it on with my hand until the felt was pretty saturated.

I folded over the bubble wrap and rubbed, pounded and banged, which Ev wasn’t too into because he was trying to nap.

Then I rolled the felt up and moved it up and down the table making a pretty big mess.  Ev wasn’t so into that part either.

I rinsed the felt under hot water and then cold-to shock the fibers.  It wasn’t felting just yet, so I repeated the whole process about 3 times.

Then, as instructed, I put a few tennis balls and my new felt in the dryer for about 15 minutes.  Then I let the felt dry out in the sun for a few.  To be honest, it looked super cool, but I kind of was like, ok, now what?  Then I noticed a shape making itself known in the felt.  Is that?  No?  It can’t be.  Yes!  It’s a hamsa.  It was totally there, practically lined out for me ain the fibers.  So I got out my scissor and an old frame waiting for use, and voila!  A felted hamsa.

It’s pretty darn pretty too.  I can’t wait to make these for holiday gifts.  I am planning to make Jewish Stars and Christmas trees and maybe a bird or too for a special friend of mine.

ps This process is totally suitable for kindergartners.  They’ll love it!