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So, I made a light box to take shots of Alien Army and I’m not sure it’s working out as I planned.  I can’t seem to get the light quite right.  I’m definitely not giving up, but slightly frustrated none the less.  Anyone have any tips?  Does anyone even read this?  Hello?  Are you there G-d?  It’s me, Margaret?

Anyway, it was fun to make and the photos do come out better than without it.  So here’s how to do it.  All you need is a box, white paper or white tissue paper or white fabric.  Use white unless you want the photos tinted with another color.  An exacto knife.  Scotch tape.

Cut out three of the four side panels of the box.  My box happens to be white.

Tape white paper over the panels and a white sheet inside the box that slopes down from top to bottom.

There you have it folks.  Then just place a lamp on either side and the top or any combo of the three or just the top.  I’m still working that part out.  Here are some experimental shots.

The background is coming out grey and maybe I have to fix that in photoshop but I don’t really know how.  Grr… I wish I knew how to lasso the images too, so I can just put them on a total white background.  Maybe it’s time for a photoshop class.