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Which has sent me down a non-posting spiral.  I dropped it the other day carelessly and now I think Best Buy won’t take it back because it’s all battered and bruised.  It’s really my own fault.  I don’t take care of it like I should.  I don’t even have a camera bag.  From this point forward I promise to keep my old camera, once fixed, or my new camera, once purchased, in a camera bag.  Oy a yoy.

In other news, verymeri, my t-shirt company designed by kids, is now officially available on Nordstrom.com, which is a big deal over here and has taken me five years to do.  If you have a daughter, friend, sister, niece or neighbor who loves cool tees that give back and promote art and self-esteem, then go here and get one.  The xl will fit some adults.  Hopefully all five designs that they ordered will show up shortly.  Yay verymeri!  Thanks for your support everyone!