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I found clear blocks for a dollar at Michael’s the other day and I’ve been waiting to feel inspired.  Inspiration struck today with my camera back in business.  These starburst picture frames, as Ev likes to call them, are super easy and pretty limitless. All you need is cardboard, glue, scissors, sequins (which are missing from the photo) a photo or drawing, paper or old folders, and a clear block of plastic.   Here’s how you do it.

1.  First, cut out a small circle from the cardboard.  If you don’t have a circle to trace I like to just cut off the corners of a square- a great kindergarten TLC lesson trick.

2.  Next cut out long triangle shapes from cool paper and folders.

3.  Glue the paper around the perimeter of the circle.

4.  Cut out the shape of the photo to match your clear block and glue it down in the center.

5.  Then take a super cool book like this one and use it to flatten down the triangles.  The folder pieces tend to curl up.

6.  Glue your clear block onto the photo.

7.  Glue lots of sequins around the photo block.

8.  Love and admire your creation and then give it to a friend as a gift!  This one’s going straight to New York to my friend Molly, age 7.