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Ev and I went to Santa Barbara for the day about a year ago.  It was early Sunday morning and he had to drop off something for work so I decided to join him.  It was such a gorgeous day we decided to do some exploring and came across an art fare.  We strolled around, not looking for anything in particular when we noticed these great car paintings by an interesting older man, who told us he was from Switzerland.  We got to talking about life and marriage and love.  We introduced ourselves.  One thing lead to another and thankfully we walked back to the car with these two incredible paintings by our new friend, artist, Jean Nerfin.  They are both hanging in Ev’s office and I love them.  Every time I walk in there I am reminded of that day, me and Ev, adventure, Jean, and the ocean.  I am so grateful Evan is the kind of man that loves art and appreciates a magical experience and takes a chance.  I’ve always been told you have to truly love art to buy it.  It has to speak to you.  These pieces do just that for me.

ps 1912 was the year my grandpa, Harry Goldstein, was born.  That’s another reason I love them so much.