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Every time I think I’m back in the swing of blogging it doesn’t quite seem to go that way.  I manage one post and then come to a quick halt.  My intention is to post more frequently, which means more daily art projects.  That is definitely what I want!  An 8 week old doesn’t quite coincide with that desire but we’ll see.  Last night and this morning I had some free time while G napped.  Though my girl doesn’t have any hair just yet, I decided to make some barrettes.  I was inspired by a few I saw online, like these and these.  Anyhoo, I ran out of barrettes mid project but still continued on with the tops.  It’s easy enough to get the actual barrette.  I am also OBSESSED with pinterest (follow me!), which lead me to these owls, so I decided to squeeze a little owl in there as well.  Everything was really easy to make.  All you need are some fabric scraps, barrettes or bobbi pins, pinking shears and a glue gun.  Enjoy!