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How to Make a Vision Board to Fulfill Your Dreams

Oh pinterest, how I love thee.  I’ve been wanting to make an inspiration board/ideal scene type collage for a while.  I whole-heartedly believe in these things.  I made one out of stickers (searching for a photo) before I met my husband and I’m convinced that’s how I met him.  It’s kind of like Weird Science.  Firm believer.  Anyway, instead of spending hours on line trying to find all the photos and images that inspire me I just went to my boards and found my absolute favs.  Cut those suckers out and voila!  Along with some words from mags that I am still adding here and there.  We’re going to hang this in the family room in constant view.  I believe you have to stare at these things and really put the images in your consciousness for them to manifest.  Anyhoo, wish me luck.  There are some serious European adventures on here, plus Alien Army on the cover of Time Magazine inspiration, and photos of our future home.

*Update* I wrote this post four years ago.  This vision board is still hanging in our den and it’s amazing how much of this board has manifested.  From vacations to the craft world to the overall feeling I get from it, so much has happened.  Thank you thank you create your dreams everyone!

How to Make a Vision BoardHow to Make a Vision BoardHow to Make a Vision Board

How to Make a Vision BoardHow to Make a Vision Board