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I came up with Alien Army two summers ago through an art camp I was running called “Out of this World.”  Ironically, it was the project I spent the least time preparing and by far the biggest hit of the summer.  I quickly became obsessed and created over 200 Alien Army figures from Sculpey polymer clay.  You couldn’t come to my house without making one.  I’d line them up on the table over and over and make Ev pick out his favs in each line.  It’s my best collection by far.  Today I was able to purchase the url AlienArmy.com after almost two years of unavailability.  I am convinced it is due to my recent writing in my Artist Way Morning Pages,  If you’ve never done the Artist’s Way, I HIGHLY recommend it.  Morning pages are like magic.  For real.

Right now the url is just pointed to Meri Cherry but I’ve got big plans…oh yeah…it’s on.