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My friend, writer and photographer Malina Saval, recently asked me to come up with some chanukah art projects for a piece she was writing. I came up with 5 ideas. Some better than others. But overall, I like them. I made the first one today. This was actually inspired by something I saw on pinterest by Bring Chesed Home.  Here are the other ideas I will hopefully get to over the next month.  The oversized gelt is my favorite.  I think the kids will really like it.

1.  A little bunting goes a long way.  Cut out dreidels and candles from cool paper or felt and hang on a string or ribbon.
2.  Oversized Chanukah gelt.  Cut out big circles in cardboard.  Cover with gold foil or tin foil and decorate with gold or silver puffy paint.  Use them for a scavenger hunt.
3. Make different chanukah symbols from sculpey and hang from a mobile.  Dreidle, Jewish Star, candles, gelt.
4.  Save up some recyclables from around the house, bottle caps, long rectangular box, toilet paper rolls, etc. and make a chanukiah.  Spray paint gold or silver to make it look really special.
4.  Make Chanukah cards from card stock and tissue paper.  Fold the card stock in half.  Draw a dreidel in pencil or marker.  squish small squares of tissue paper and glue along the lines of the dreidel.
5.  Make a Chanukah pop up book for each night of Chanukah.  Kids can make it before chanukah and each pop up can be a gift they are hoping for!
What are your your ideas???