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I am a big fan of Bravo’s Work of Art show.  Whenever I watch it I try to think of what I’d do if given the chance.  Yesterday, in my morning pages, the idea of having an at home Work of Art type collective project came to mind.  I don’t really care about the competition part of it, I just like the structured, homework assignment part of it.  I respond well to deadlines.  So, if anyone wants to join, I’m giving us two weeks from today to do the challenge from this weeks episode.  I thought it was a good one.


Find a headline from any newspaper that inspires you and create a “Work of Art” to go with it.  You must incorporate newspaper somehow in your work.


November 27, 2010

Pretty straight forward.

If you like this idea or have any way to add to it or plan to participate, please please make a comment.  Of course I’ll post your work here, as well as my own, in two Sundays.

Please join me!

**Anyone who participates will receive ten free Alien Army guys compliments of yours truly**