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I volunteered to make the centerpieces for my good friend Lisa’s, daughter’s birthday.  I’m sure there is a grammar mistake somewhere in that sentence.  Anyway, today was Saige’s first birthday.  I searched around on pinterest for some centerpiece ideas and then came up with my own rendition.  I got the jars for 1.99 at Michaels, along with the cotton candy for filling.  I had to go to Ralph’s for the skewers which I found kind of annoying.  Why doesn’t Michaels carry a package of long sticks?  Seems kind of necessary.  I made flags from different patterned paper and then cut out hearts and decorated them.  Really simple.  The best part was sticking the flags in the cotton candy.  It made this very satisfying kind of silent sound when I stuck them in.  Try it!  I’m telling you.