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Ok, glitter art, is majorly fun and awesome.  Kari Tarr did a great tutorial on Martha Stewart that totally inspired me.  Plus, one of my students has been begging since the first day of camp to do glitter art.  I got a few fancy glitter packs from Pearl Art Supplies.  I wanted the Martha Stewart Pack but could only find it online and I didn’t have enough time for delivery.  Turns out these little glitter vials go a surprisingly long way, so I have plenty left to play with.  I got some balsa wood for our first go and cut it into squares about 4×4.  Glittering got way easier after the first one or two.  Then I found these awesome silver tiles in my art shed that were perfect for day two glitter art.  I can’t wait to do a few for myself!  Just put down tape, glue and glitter.  It’s really simple and so satisfying.  There were tons of oohs and ahhs when we lifted the tape and the lines looked so perfect.  Really fun project.  Highly recommend.  Thanks Kari!