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Ev and I decided to take an impromptu baby moon to San Francisco, before our lives get totally rocked again by baby number two.  We headed straight to Lotus Bleu, my favorite interior shop in Hayes Valley.  We picked out two Muskhane rugs and pillows for the girl’s new playroom.  They are currently being shipped and I am counting the seconds until their arrival.  I had pinned one months ago having no idea where it came from and put it on my ideal scene collage.  I swear, that thing is magical.  So many things on it have come true.  Highly recommend making one and hanging it someplace visible so you can stare at it and manifest every little bit of amazingness on it!  Anyway, the store is fantastic.  Next time you’re in SF, go!

This pic has nothing to do with Lotus Bleu or Muskhane, I just thought it was pretty.