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We had DIY Day 5 this past Sunday.  While Ted and Ev put up the walls of the playhouse in the backyard, I painted this mid-century table that we transformed into a desk the night before.  It was all Ev’s idea.  He’s a genius. I love that guy.

I really love it!  And Ev’s happy because he gets a desk in the new playroom and genius credit for the idea.  Our DIY days are getting better and better.  So far we’ve done a headboard, window seat, gazebo, desk and a gazebo turned playhouse.  (pics to come) I’m currently working on an art wall in the playroom and redoing the living room.  3rd trimester pregnancy makes me psychotic to get everything done, which is a very overwhelming double edged sword.  I love getting things done, but the process is a little much sometimes, especially for my husband and cousins who are constantly receiving calls, texts and emails pleading for assistance.  Thank you Ev, Ted, Er and Er!

Regardless, I’m proud of us, the whole fam, and very psyched for this little baby to come!