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1.  Michael Levine’s

After shopping around, Ev and I decided that we’re better off reupholstering my grandmother’s discarded couch, than buying a new couch for almost the same amount that is just kind of…meh.  So, I got some swatch books and we picked a really pretty blue velvet.  The only downfall (besides the 56 dollar a yard price tag) is that it takes 2 weeks to order the fabric and then a whole other two to three weeks for the work to be done.  That would leave us couch-less for over a month and with a baby coming in less than that time, I’m not really feelin that.  This morning, I decided to waddle my way downtown with Flor and Gigi, my safety unit, as a last-ditch effort to find fabric.  I’m pretty much afraid to do much of anything by myself these days, just in case this baby tries to make a run for it a little early.  That’s when the skies parted and a light shined down on 920 Maple Street, where we found 25 yards of the SAME EXACT FABRIC FOR 15 DOLLARS A YARD at Michael Levine’s! Hello baby!  My heart was beating out of my chest.  And right next to it was 4 yards of a slightly lighter, more luxurious blue velvet that I am going to do the pillows in, which is going to look SICK, also for 15 a yard.  It was all in the velvet discount area because they were run offs from something else and not something you can order if you need more.  I practically skipped to the checkout stand, where out of nowhere the sales guy helping me decided to give me another 10% off because I got more than 20 yards.  Woo hoo!!!! So all in all, I spent 350, as opposed to a little over a grand.  Ev is very pleased to say the least and the couch is being picked up tomorrow morning to begin the process.  YES!

Say goodbye to this mess

And say hello to…(check back in two weeks)

2.  Bottega Louie

Of course we had to celebrate after the fabric experience.

enough said about that.