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I was inspired by this pin and decided to whip up some sensory rice with Gigi.  She loved it.  It was a pretty easy clean up too, which was great.  Just a little sweeping.  Just add food coloring to small or large portions of dry rice, shake in a tupperware container and pour on a tray.  G was able to help with all the prep and even helped sweep up the rice after.  Granted, I have a daughter who is obsessed with cleaning, but that’s a whole other story.  She especially loved taking her socks off and putting her feet in the rice.  I gave her some kitchen utensils, which worked great.  Next time I’ll give her some toys, like Cintia did on My Poppet, a great blog!!  Overall, super easy, fun project for toddlers.  We got a good 35-40 minutes out of it.  Enjoy!

(diggin the eyebrow raise, gig)