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Here is a great sensory tub for toddlers that kept Gigi busy for about 30 minutes, including sweeping up the sand together for clean up.

Ingredients (all available at Michaels)

1.  Plastic Tub

2.  Shells

3.  White craft sand

4.  Popsicle sticks

5.  Plastic spoons and forks

6.  Small gems and other random toys around the house.

I’m still training G to keep the materials in the tub.  I put a plastic mat underneath her since she likes to move things around.  I found it helpful to add another plastic tub so she can satisfy her need to move the sand around.  Thanks for the great suggestion Lisa!  You can save all the materials in a plastic bag and reuse the tub.  We’re doing beans next.  Not sure about the theme.