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Being on maternity leave for an extended period (6 months) has been a great gift.  I made a list in the beginning of my time off, of all the things I had hoped to accomplish over this time.  With one month left, I am very proud to say I have accomplished almost the entire list.  My days have been full.  I have gone on adventures with my girls.  One fav being the Noah’s Ark Exhibit at Skirball.  If you live in LA, go!  I have done tons of art projects with Gigi.  I have worked out almost every morning with Stroller Strides for the past two weeks.  I joined Weight Watchers and have lost over ten lbs.  Woo hoo!  And, I’ve devoted time to my blog and getting better at photography and photoshop.  With one month remaining, I really want to kick things into high gear.


So, below are my goals for the month.  When I first read them over I thought it was pretty hilarious that there was nothing about spending time with my daughters.  Ha. Of course I will do tons with my girls.  That’s a given.  These are more my “self” goals.  So please wish me luck, especially on number 3.