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Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  Gigi and I woke up to a whole lotta love this morning.  Little d slept through the night and all is right in the world.  Time to celebrate!  I found a stack of blank UPS stickers and cut them into different heart shapes.  I’m pretty sure these are still available for free from UPS.  If not, any sticker paper will do.  Then I stuck some washi tape over the hearts in different shapes.


After all the tape was down, Gigi and I used paint dots to cover the hearts.  If you don’t have these for your toddler, I highly recommend them.  No mess and super fun!


We covered the hearts with dots and let them dry.  It only took a few minutes.  Then, Gigi had fun peeling off the tape from the hearts.  I just started the peel for her a little.  Great for fine motor.


We stuck the hearts all over her.  And voila!  Happy Valentines.  May your day be filled with love, joy and good health.