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The weather in LA is sooo gorgeous right now.  Gigi and I made an impromptu feather headdress and played outside all afternoon.  I had some inspiration from this post, which involved some crazy glue to stick ribbon together.  I skipped that part and used duct tape instead and it worked great.  See instructions below.


Put out a strip of duct tape sticky side up.  I tuck under the two edges so they stick to the table on either side.

Stick feathers on the duct tape.  Make sure you don’t go lower than the midpoint on the duct tape.  Fold over the duct tape (in half) so there is no more sticky side exposed.

Stick on gems or other decorations.  I got these sticker gems at Target and plan to get more.  They’re great.

Take a little duct tape to join the edges and voila, a feather headdress.