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Yesterday, my girls received the best gift EVER.  About six bags of amazing hand me downs from their very special big girl friend, Frankie.  My heart jumped out of my chest as I unpacked every bag and meticulously folded every item and placed it in it’s proper pile.  Let’s just say my girls are set for life.  Or at least until they are seven.  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FRANKIE!  (and to your mama too for having the best taste!)  Gigi and little d will be stylin for years to come.  Amen.


I am a handmedown/consignment/garage sale addict.  Before little d was born I would get up early almost every Saturday and go from yard sale to yard sale while Ev hung out with Gigi.  I’d prepare my list the night before from Craigslist and Jen’slist.  It was very therapeutic alone time I treasured.  Now it’s a little harder with two so I save my extra cash for a few monthly and yearly events, with the occasional yard sale thrown in.  Here are my not to be missed favs.

1.  LA Kids Consignment throws the absolute BEST EVER kid consignment blowout events.  The Burbank one is the mothership of them all and it’s happening in exactly 20 days 10 hours and thirty some odd seconds but who’s counting.  I couldn’t recommend this event more.  My heart starts palpitating just thinking about it.  They have everything from strollers, to toys, to endless racks of gently used clothes size 0 thru around third grade at incredible prices, plus stuff for moms.  Splurging on the VIP pass is well worth it.  You can go the night before the sale is open to the public and avoid two hour lines.  Plus, you get first round picks.  It’s amazing.  The other locations are good also, but Burbank is by far the biggest and the best.

2.  Cal Kids Consignment is a much smaller event but if you need a fix it can be pretty good.  It’s getting bigger I think, so hopefully in a few years it will be really good.

3.  The Silver Spoon Kid’s Consignment Shop in Palm Desert.  We go to Palm Desert pretty regularly and always make a stop here.  Last time I picked up the cutest Dwell crib bedding set for 20 bucks and we love it!

4.  The Rose Bowl.  Every second Sunday of the month you’ll find me there with this girl.  Best second hand shopping experience ever.  If you don’t know, now you know.

5.  Bluebird is a great source for designer gently used kid clothes.  The prices aren’t like LA Kids Consignment, but hey, they have a store to run so I get it.  And definitely great for nicer stuff.

If you have any other spots that are a must shop, please let me know.  Obsessed!