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eiffel tower toddler art

I love Paris.  I would move there in a heart beat if we could.  Ev and I often talk about living abroad for a few years and raising the girls there.  It would be a dream come true.  In the meantime, there is neon ink, Eiffel Tower stamps and glitter.

eiffel tower stamp art

We started by painting a piece of cardboard white and letting it dry in the sun.  Then we got out the Eiffel Tower stamp and neon pink ink pad I recently picked up at Papersource.  That place is intoxicating.  Gigi loved pressing her hands into the ink pad and putting her fingerprints on the cardboard.  I have to wash her hands every second though because she sucks her thumb in between every step!

eiffel tower prints

Next, she went wild with white Elmer’s glue in preparation for the glitter.

glitter art

I was a little nervous about the glitter part but it went surprisingly well.  I put a little glitter in the cap of each color and Gigi sprinkled it on.  She went bonkers over all the colors and kept saying “oooh” with each one.  It was pretty great.  More hand washing here for sure.

paris stamp toddler art

We let the glue dry and will hang it tomorrow.  I’m hoping Gigi wants to put this one in her room.  It’s really beautiful up close and she’s super proud of it.  Really fun project.  Maybe someday it will be hanging in her Paris bedroom.  A girl can dream…