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diy scrabble board game

We’re celebrating games at school this month for our upcoming Intergenerational Day.  Second grade is doing Scrabble, which I’m a big fan of.  Each 2nd grader is going to make their own Scrabble board next week. Yikes!  Big project.  And then they are going to create meaningful words on the board with their Intergenerational Day guests as a keepsake.  The kids are really looking forward to both the project, and the big event.

DIY Scrabble Game

DIY Scrabble Board

The boards are made on 20×20 pieces of recycled cardboard.  First step is to paint the board in cream.  I prepped a bazillion 1×1 inch squares in traditional Scrabble colors to make the grid.  I’ll help the kids by creating a skinny masking tape border 14×14 on each board.  This allows for a little space between each tile.  The kids will follow the pattern from my sample and will be invited to create their own patterns if they so choose.  After the grid is completed the kids will have a chance to add details with a black sharpie, including title, etc.  Last step is to modge podge the entire board to create a finished look.  I haven’t figured out how we’ll make the tiles yet but we did create the totes to hold them today.  They really came out great.  We’re all looking forward to working on the boards this week!

scrabble tote bag