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motherhood - walks with kids

I thought I’d write some meaningful post about motherhood, it’s challenges and all that.  But that doesn’t sound like fun at all so instead I’ll just share one of my favorite family traditions, afternoon family walks.  Ev and I take the girls, our dog, Billy, and Gigi’s baby (of course) and walk around the neighborhood about 5 times a week.  We chat about the day, our dreams, stuff I need to write in my morning pages.  I usually take a million pictures and Gigi runs around top speed with her baby in the stroller yelling “D, D, Gigi, D.”  That’s code for “Watch me run D.  I can go really fast.”  It’s a precious time of day.  I’m so thankful we can do it here in sunny southern California.  It did got cold for like a day and Ev took this pic.  It’s my fav.


What’s one of your favorite family traditions?