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Painting for ToddlersAs a mom, I’m doing my best to give Gigi as much opportunity to experience art as possible.  Painting is one of her favorite art activities.  This past Friday we had 7 little ones, 3 months to 6 years, over for Shabbat.  I was so excited to get out the huge canvas I bought at an Aaron’s Brother super sale for 9 dollars.  It’s around 4×4 feet!  First I put out markers, crayons, and dot paints to start things off.  Then about 20 minutes later, we brought out the sparkle paints, a roller, pom poms, paint brushes and sponge letters and let the girls go to town.  They had a blast and the results were gorgeous.  Again, the roller was the biggest hit.

evolving canvas for toddlers

evolving canvas for toddlers

evolving canvas for toddlersThe next morning Gigi woke up saying “art, art.”  She wanted to go straight to the backyard to her canvas, which we have decided to make into an evolving canvas.  So far it’s been painted over three times.  Each time it looks totally different.  I figure we’ll keep it out the next few weeks and see what happens.  I kind of want to pour paint all over it and let D, my five month old,  roll around on it, but not sure Ev will go for that.  Hmm…we’ll see.

Evolving Canvas Painting for ToddlersGigi has pretty much abandoned the tools all together now and is just using her hands as brushes.  She seems to like washing her hands in the water buckets as much as the actual painting.  The life of a toddler.

evolving paint canvas for kids