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make your own stickerssticker making for toddlersI’ve gotten so much great use out of these UPS sticker labels, leftover from my verymeri shipping days.  This morning I drew some simple drawings on the labels and Gigi colored them in with paint dots, markers and colored pencils.  I cut each one out leaving a small white border as an outline.

sticker making for toddlersmake your own stickersmake your own stickers I thought Gigi would want to make a picture out of them but instead she just wanted to wear them.  All of them.  At once.

sticker making for toddlers and kidsOnce again my little g money is teaching me to let go and stop trying to control her process every second.  Thanks g.

sticker making for toddlersI think we’ll do this again for Gigi’s 2nd birthday party favors.  The little birdies are so cute.