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scoop and sort bead activity for toddlersI think I mentioned I went a little cookoo on my recent trip to Michaels.  I definitely spent too much, but it really is worth it.  They have so many great things and I love seeing Gigi’s face light up when she sees something new on her activity board.  I set up these super cool mini rainbow forks from Target that I couldn’t resist,  (help!)  a bucket of colorful beads in all shapes and sizes, a robot bag to move things around, and some scoopers, including cups and spoons.  This activity was especially successful because Gigi was able to truly sort, which is such an important brain activity for little ones.  After she had some time to explore the beads and move them around, I helped her notice there were lots of animal beads in the bucket.  We named them and began to make piles.  She soon took over my lead of sliding different animals to their pile with one finger.  Great fine motor and great thinking skills happening.  Love it.

How nice are these forks by Spritz!?!

sorting and scooping with beads - toddler activityDon’t be fooled.  It was a big mess.

toddler activity - beads and sorting