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The Artful Parent - Awesome Book AlertI finally got my new edition of The Artful Parent in the mail this weekend.  What a great book!  I had pre-ordered it months ago and am happy to say it was well worth the wait.  If you’re not familiar with Jean Van’t Hul and her amazing blog, definitely check it out.  Her new book is equally as amazing.  In addition to over 60 awesome projects for little ones, she dedicates a whole section to hosting toddler art groups.  I can’t wait to get one going this summer!

washi tape and watercolors - painting for toddlersThis project is directly from Jean’s book.  It was great for my almost two year old and I’m sure we will do it again as she gets older.  First I put a grid of washi tape on water color paper.  Then, Gigi “painted” the whole paper with water.  After, I got out the watercolors and Gigi went to town.  We set it aside to dry, which didn’t take long at all.  I hung her art on the wall at arms length to see if she would be interested in peeling the tape on her own.  She wasn’t, so I demonstrated for her and she freaked out and kept saying “no mama” over and over at the top of her lungs.  Ha, gotta love toddlers.  The next day when I got home from work I noticed she had peeled off some of the tape strips herself.  I asked her to show me but she didn’t want to pull anymore off.  So for now, it’s half taped.  The picture below is actually her putting back the tape I had peeled slightly.  Every time I pass it I have the urge to pull the tape off myself and then I say to myself “what’s wrong with you?  just leave it.”  Ha, gotta love mamas.

washi tape and watercolors - painting with toddlers