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diy piggy bankHow cute is this little piggy bank?  I made this with my second graders today for our math unit  and they loved it!  The only thing I left out is scotch tape. You can use the glue for gluing the facial features on the pig, but instead of gluing the face to the cup, I recommend taping it.  Way easier.

Here are the sizes we used for all the shapes.  1 5×5 hot pink square for the face, 4 2.5×2 hot pink rectangles for the ears, 4 2×1.5 light pink rectangles for the inner ears, 1 1cmx4in hot pink rectangle for the tail, 4 1.5×3 hot pink rectangles for the feet, 2 1cmx1cm black squares for the eyes, 2 1cmx1cm hot pink squares for the nostrils, 1 1×2 light pink rectangle for the snout

supplies for diy piggy bankFirst, find a circular object that is almost the size of the 5×5 square.  A full roll of masking tape works really well.  Trace the circle and cut it out.  Cut the 1×2 light pink rectangle into an oval.  One of the best tricks I’ve learned for teaching kids to cut circles and ovals is to tell them to cut off the corners of a rectangle or square.  If they curve the paper or scissor a little while they are cutting, it creates a really nice round shape.  Most second graders are really successful with this step.  Cut out the nostrils and eyes from the smallest rectangles by cutting off the corners.  Cut out the hot pink and light pink rectangles for the ears.  I tell the kids to imagine a center point at the top of the rectangle and to cut off the top two corners towards the center point.  Glue on all the piggy features.  Make sure to glue the ears to the back of the piggy face by putting a little glue on the bottom front of the ear and gluing it to the back of the face.  The cup is the bank.  Prior to gluing or taping the face to the cup, exacto a little cut out in the cup for the money to slip through.  I did this part, of course.  Roll the hot pink legs into tubes, tape together and tape each one to the cup.  Last, but definitely not least, curl the skinny tail onto a pencil or marker and tape to the back of the cup.

diy piggy bank for kidsI demonstrated the whole project from start to finish in front of the class and then sent them off to do it independently.  This worked great.  I encouraged kids to add their own details.  One student added wings, which totally rocked.  Kids are so cool.

diy piggy bankEnjoy your piggy!  Save. Save. Save.

DIY Piggy Bank for Kids