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lotteryThis project was by far the biggest hit of Summer Art Camp 2013 Week 1.  The kids LOVED making these lottery tickets.  I had the older kids explain to the younger kids what a lottery is.  Then I showed some samples I had prepared of some possible kid questions.  My two sample tickets said “Can I go to bed late tonight?” and “Can I have ice cream tonight?”  Both had yes and no written on the back under “magic lottery paint.”  We scratched them off together as they watched with anticipation.  Unfortunately, no ice cream for me tonight but I can go to bed late.  The kids totally got it and started giggling, asking if they could make their own questions.  Of course!  They couldn’t wait to get started.

Lottery Tickets for Kids - Awesome Open Ended DIY Project!Some of my favorite kid questions were “Can I have a puppy?” and “Can I play Minecraft?”  The best was when one of the kids realized she could write yes for all the options on the back and her parents would never know.  MANY of the kids quickly followed suit.  It was really great.  The special magic lottery paint is really easy.  It’s just acrylic paint mixed with a little dishwashing soap over clear contact paper.  So, each card has a layer of clear contact paper over the answers yes and no with the mixed acrylic and dishwashing soap over it.  The paint easily scratches off with a coin.  *Note* I used gold acrylic here but would do a darker color next time or silver with a little black in it.  We had to do a few layers of the gold because you could see the answers and it was kind of a pain.

Lottery Tickets for Kids - Awesome Open Ended Project for kidsEach kid got a plastic bag so they could have a whole lottery pack to take home.  It created a great finished product, but more than anything the process was fantastic.  The kids got so into it.  One camper made over ten tickets.  I would rate this project a ten.  Please try it!

Lottery Tickets for Kids - Awesome Open Ended DIY Project!I can’t wait to hear what happens at home when the kids do their scratch off with their parents.  Good luck kids!

Lottery Tickets for Kids - Awesome Open Ended Project for kids