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The Magic of PlayYesterday I hosted two play groups for little ones.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  By noon I probably would have injected my iced vanilla latte directly into the vein if given the chance.  This can be exhausting work.  The prep, the worry (will everyone have fun???) the execution, all of it, takes a lot of physical and mental energy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not brain surgery, but it does take a lot of effort to make it special and worthwhile, which I hope was the general consensus.  I asked myself several times during the day, am I sure I want to do this every week and the answer was a resounding yes.  I look at the smiles on these kids faces and I am in 100%.   The pure joy a child gets from swishing around in a bucket full of blue water, or painting a wall in rainbow colors is truly magical.  I am so excited to give children a chance to be messy and carefree and for moms and dads to have a place to do it.  You never know where life will lead you.  I am so grateful my life has lead me down this road of artful play.

water play for toddlersartful water play for toddlersartful play for toddlersartful play for toddlersartful play for toddlersps It’s still about a million degrees in LA, so we took a well deserved ice pop break.

snack timeHave a great weekend!